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amalie thrysøe

"Charmeklud" ~ red onion

"Charmeklud" ~ red onion

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CHARME-KLUD keeps you comfortably warm in cooler weather ("...lidt godt til halsen") but also  as a charming elegant touch to your attire with its softness & glow ("...lidt flot til håret"). Plant-dyed silk possesses a unique ability to interact with sunlight, creating a visually captivating interplay of colors that harmonizes with the wearer's individual characteristics in skin & hair-tones.  Unlike synthetic dyes, plant-based dyes often yield softer, more nuanced hues that harmonize effortlessly with the subtle variations in human complexion.

~ 100% silk, natural insulating 

~ Plandyed with red onion peels & a splash of coffee

~ Handprinted with silkscreens, handdrawn motifs

“I strive to make meaningful products, ones that embody aesthetic significance and a holistic design ethos.. Each creation is infused with care, crafted with hands and soul, fostering a profound connection between design and longevity."

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