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amalie thrysøe

Charmeklud ~ POMEGRANATE + LOGWOOD ~ batch no. 03

Charmeklud ~ POMEGRANATE + LOGWOOD ~ batch no. 03

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CHARME-KLUD is a smooth hug for your throat, keeping you warm ..and charming ofc

• PLANT DYED with pomegranate skins & little bit of logwood pigment

• 100% SILK  natural insulating fibers - soft, smooth & warm

• HAND-PRINTED details in floral “oj” or “pyt pyt” motif

measures 28x125 cm

* NOTE that due to the natural dye-process, plant materials and hand printing techniques, every scarf is a unique piece. Leaving traces of nature and handwork. The plant-dyed color can change shade over time due to sun exposure, ph-value and other natural interactions. 
& WHY PLANT-DYE? Unlike synthetic dyes, plant-based colors often yield softer, more nuanced hues that natural harmonizes with the subtle variations in our hair and skin tones - each in a unique way. Additionally, the silk interacts with the rays of sun in such a lovely way. Perfect as a little everyday luxury feel, hidden or shared with the world. 
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Handwash in 30 ° with a mild silk-friendly detergent - or simply make a habit of airing your silk garments after use. This will make them feel and smell fresh again.

" I aim to create garments of a warm intention, aesthetic significance & with a holistic design approach. Each creation is infused with care, fun, crafted with hands, fostering a connection between nature & soul, art and longevity."

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